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Seminars given by Prof. Dr. H. Hillmer

Course Targets:

  • To learn presentation techniques and to obtain presentation practice.
  • To learn to structure a talk and to transfer the essentials to the audience.
  • To learn to get familiar with an unknown special and advanced topic and to condense the new knowledge in a seminar talk and present it in front of the lecturer and other students.
  • To learn to present within a time frame of 20 minutes.
  • To learn to use PowerPoint and Beamer.


Each participant prepares a test presentation (20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion and criticism) which he/she is giving in INA. Later, the final presentation (20 minutes) is held in front of all other participants of the seminar and guests. Students should listen to at least 6-10 presentations given by other students! The marking is done after all presentations have been given. This presentation is the actual exam which is going to be certified by a mark . Presentation may be held in English or German.


 The exact appointments for the kick-off-meeting as well as the test and final presentations are going to be announced in Moodle.  


We kindly ask every student to be there punctually at 9 am so that there will be no interruptions during the given presentations. Make sure that the email address you have indicated in OKA/HIS/Moodle is still valid and often used by you in case we need to contact you.


Location for all presentations:

HPS 40, INA, room 3107 on the third floor (seminar room)



Will be indicated or directly given by Prof. Dr. Hillmer



Guideline (pdf)

How to book a topic for the seminar presentations:

Please inform yourself in Moodle about which topics each seminar includes. I would kindly ask you not to block 2 or 3 topics if you only intend to present one. Be sure that this is the topic you really want to give a presentation on and do not forget to register in OKA or HIS. If you fail to do so, you are not officially registered and do not get a mark/credit for this seminar!!!


Please click  here. You will be forwarded to moodle.


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