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Semiconductor Memories

Technology, design, structures, modeling and simulation (Prof. Dr. Joodaki, Prof. Dr. Hillmer)

The lecture is given in English.

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Course targets

This course introduces the basics of semiconductor memories technology and design. An overview of the most current topics of this area in industry and research is given. After this course, the students are expected to have the requisite knowledge for being initiated into the practical tasks and projects of industry and research in the area of semiconductor memories, especially DRAM technology.


  • Introduction to semiconductor memories
  • Different types of semiconductor memories
  • Understanding MOSFET as a main element of memory cell
  • Process technology for semiconductor memories
  • Simulation and modelling of semiconductor memories
  • Advanced topics in semiconductor memories
  • Future semiconductor memories


  • M. Joodaki, Selected Advances in Nanoelectronic Devices: Logic, Memory and RF, Berlin, Springer Verlag, 2013.
  • M. Joodaki, Uprising nano memories: Latest advances in monolithic three dimensional (3D) integrated Flash memories, Microelectronic Engineering 164 (2016) 75–87.
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