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Practicum Optoelectronics I

(Mr. Muhammed Mohsin Khan, M.Sc.)


A registration in HIS or OKA is mandatory and urgently required for the participation in one of our labs. The registration should be done right in the beginning of each semester!


  • From the device to the model
  • DBR
  • Filter
  • Optimising the design of the filter
  • Define the best material combination for the filter
  • Detailed analyse of the transmission wavelength behaviour while changing the cavity thickness


  • To learn working in a project, project management.
  • To work successfully in a team.
  • To provide a valuable documentation of the results.

What you will gain from the practicum

You will learn the fundamentals of simulating Problems – how one come from an idea to a model, what influences the simulation and what form assumption must be taken. It gives a quick introduction in modeling- and resolution problems and how to solve them.

General information

The student team will be supervised by Mr. Muhammed Mohsin Khan, who is responsible for the coordination of the practicum for all participating students.

Course prerequisite

Those who have attended or are attending Optoelectronics I lecture are invited to participate in the practicum. Physics and Nanostructure Science students are asked to contact the supervisor individually.


  • Elektrotechnik Diplom I und II, Abschluss 14, (14048), ECE-Studiengang, Abschluss 88, Mechatronik, Informatik (Bachelor und Master)
  • Wahlveranstaltung für das Nachrichtentechn. Praktikum I, II oder III

First meeting (Kick-off)

Kick-off-meeting is going to be (to be announced).


Please come to INA Heinrich-Plett-Straße 40, 3rd floor, room 3107.

Registration for the practicum

Please register in HISLSF until (to be announced).

Note that the deadline for the enrollment for the examination in OKA or HIS is possible until 7 days before this deadline.


This semester registration will be possible starting from 1st of October, 2017.


For questions contact Mr. Muhammed Mohsin Khan by email.

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