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Optoelectronics project work


A registration in HIS or OKA is mandatory and urgently required for the participation in one of our labs. The registration should be done right in the beginning of each semester!

  • Practice in theoretical model calculations. The engineer should learn to understand basics and fundamental interaction of effects by a variation of geometric and material parameters
  • The student will learn how to design advanced photonic devices
  • Introduction to scientific work. The engineer learns how to analyze and to interpret calculated theoretical data
  • To structure the analyzed data and parameter series in such a way that the uninvolved reader can understand and follow the argumentation
  • Methodology of project organization and project management, team work.

Competences to be acquired

  • To create new or modify existing models according to the given problem
  • To analyze data series with respect to the given problem
  • To experience synergies in knowledge during the comparison and analysis of theoretical and experimental data
  • Introduction into appropriate scientific working.

What you will gain from the practicum

  • Theoretical model calculation using advanced software tools on problems at the research front
  • Example: calculation of laser spectra with the goal to optimize and design an advanced VCSEL with complex coupling (real and imaginary part in refractive index). This is done for a novel hybrid structure combining inorganic and organic materials
  • Variation of basic parameters, like Δn, measurements and evaluation of different characteristics
  • The simulations are defined according to general and actual problems in optoelectronics and are related to research topics of the working group

Course prerequisite

Profound knowledge in optoelectronics


Scientific papers/books according to project topics.


Master Uni m.v.Abschl. Electrical Communication Engineering Master

Kick-Off Meetings

The next dates (subject to the availability of topics) for the kick-off-meeting can be found in Moodle.

Registration for the project work

Plrease consider that the registration for a project work will take place at the kick-off meetings.

However, the official registration still needs to be done in OKA/HIS.

Please note that the deadline for the enrollment for the examination in OKA or HIS is only possible until 7 days before the deadline.

For questions contact Ms. Yannan Shen by email.

Final Presentations

The results have to be presented in a final presentation as well as in a report.

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