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Optoelectronic Devices

(Prof. Dr. H. Hillmer)

This lecture is only given in English.

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  • Introduction into ray- and quantum optics
  • Refractive index, polarization, interference, diffraction, coherence
  • Material properties of glass: dispersion, absorption
  • Optical waveguiding, detailed introduction into dispersion and absorption
  • Interferometers (Michelson, Fabry-Pérot, Mach-Zehnder)
  • Optical multilayer structures (e.g. DBR mirrors)
  • Introduction to lasers, LEDs, photo diodes and solar cells

The course includes a visit of the Institute of Nanostructure Technology and Analytics (INA) demonstrating design tools for optoelectronic components and showing the clean room facilities as well as the characterization and technological laboratories.

Course targets

To learn basic principles of optoelectronic devices and systems, structure and operating principles of optoelectronic components. Not only simple facts and tools are presented, but considerable emphasis is also put on methodology. The engineer should learn to solve basic problems in optoelectronics. In other words: looking into the successful solutions of nature is a promising approach for an advanced working engineer.


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