Exercices for Elektronische Bauelemente + Werkstoffe

02.10.2017 - 09:14 by Administrator

As Prof. Dr. Hillmer is going to be on a business trips on 22.11.2017 there will be no lectures given by him.

However there will be exercices offered on the given date, at the same place and time as usual.

You can find the exercices on our INA Homepage at "Education" and then please search for the corresponding lecture.

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Further News...

01.03.2018 - 11:39

Today exam "Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik"

in in HS1 / room -1139, CampusCenter, HoPla

01.03.2018 - 11:37

Today exam in "Elektronische Bauelemente"

in HS1 / room -1139, CampusCenter, HoPla

01.02.2018 - 08:39

Question hour for Optoelectronic Devices AND Semiconductor Lasers

on 19.02.2018 starting from 1pm

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