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Micro Mirror Arrays

Functionality of micro mirror equipped windows
Photomontage demonstrates how rooms can be illuminated by daylight without glare (Photonik International 02/2009)

A general improvement of the distribution of daylight inside rooms can be reached by using “active windows” based on micromirror technology. Active windows lead to a sharply reduced need of artificial light during the daytime and to a smooth illumination of living and office rooms with comfortable natural light.

Further concepts introduce micro mirror arrays as light concentrating devices for Photovoltaic applications. Actuable micromirrors shall track the sun position or brightness distribution of the sky.

For the corresponding patent, Prof. Hillmer and Prof. Schmid were awarded with the "European Grand Prix for Innovation Awards" 2006. The project has been awarded with the title „Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2009“.

The Micro Mirror Arrays were founded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU, AZ 23717) and by Hessen ModellProjekte (LOEWE III, HA-Project-No.: 206/09-36). INA participates in the European Project NEXT-Buildings.





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