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Microsystem Technology

(Prof. Dr. H. Hillmer)

The lecture is given in English.

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Why device miniaturization and integration of micromachined components? Perspectives in micromachining and microsystem techniques.

  • Scaling of basic forces: vision of a micro world. Technological fabrication processes of bulk and surface micromachining, materials.
  • simple applications: membranes, springs, resonator elements, cantilevers, alignment tools
  • simple actuators: mechanical valves, manipulation elements for optical components, gripping tools, light modulators, switches, beam splitters, displays
  • MOEMS: projection displays (DMD, laser TV), micro optical bench (free beam optics), data distribution
  • devices with diffractive optics: filters, DFB lasers with axially varying grating period and coupling coefficient, vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs), photonic crystals, special visions: 90° waveguides, lasers without threshold, components with external optical resonators (LEDs, filters, lasers), Perspectives

Course targets

To learn basic principles of micromachining, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and optical MEMS. The lecture emphasizes lasers as a special kind of actuators and focusses on:

  • photonics: optical ways to optimize the operation of devices, sensors, actuators and systems
  • methodology, interdisciplinary aspects, future perspectives and market vision.

The 21st century is estimated to be the "century of the photon" after the 20th century was the "century of the electron". The access to lasers is different to that one used in lecture "optoelectronics" and, thus, an ideal completion offering chances of new reflections.


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