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Technology of Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices

(Prof. Dr. H. Hillmer)

The lecture is given in English.


Important materials for electronic and optoelectronic devices: semiconductors, glasses, polymers, metals.

The following technological methods and processes are presented:

  • Fabrication of glass fibres
  • Crystal growth: fabrication of semiconductor wafers, epitaxial deposition of thin semiconductor layers
  • Lithography: optical, X-ray, electron-beam, ion-beam
  • Plasma processing and vacuum technology: DC-, RF-, and microwave Plasma
  • Deposition techniques: evaporation and sputtering of conducting and insulating layers (e.g. metals and dielectrica)
  • Etching: wet-chemical etching, dry etching
  • Clean rooms: purpose, general operation and processing methods
  • Fabrication technology of electronic devices: the planar transistor, electronic integration, Moor´s law
  • Fabrication technology of optoelectronic components and devices: semiconductor lasers of different waveguide and resonator types, fabrication of grating structures in optical waveguides (e.g. in semiconductor lasers, fibres.)
  • Fabrication technology of micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS): using the technology tools of microelectronics for microsystems, chances for micromachined structures in optics and electronics
  • General technology philosophies: advantages and disadvantages of the miniaturization of components, devices and circuits

The course includes a guided laboratory tour in the clean room facilities of the Institute of Nanostructure Technologies and Analytics (INA).

Course targets

To learn basic principles of semiconductor technology including specific processes, methods and the required machines. The course is complemented by future perspectives, market visions and actual research topics. In addition to the presented detailed process steps, methodology is strongly focussed. The engineer should learn to solve problems using interdisciplinary analogies.


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