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We offer courses on the basics of electrical engineering and on more advanced topics, like optoelectronics, semiconductor technology and micromechanics. The lectures,seminars and laboratory work are scheduled mainly for students in electrical engineering, computer sciences, nano technology, mechatronics and the ECE master program, but we are happy to welcome also student with interest in those topics from other faculties.

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The courses are described in the languages they are given in, independent of our website´s language version.


  • Moderne elektronische und optoelektronische Bauelemente für die Mikrosystemtechnik
  • INA-Mitarbeiterseminar (geladene Gäste bzw. INA-Mitarbeiter präsentieren Vorträge zu aktuellen Forschungsthemen)
  • Anleitung zum selbständigen wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Technischen Elektronik

Exam dates

You can find all dates for the upcoming exams in HISLSF:


You can choose your individual time slot for the oral exams approx. 1 - 2 weeks prior to the exam in Moodle.


A registration in HIS or OKA is mandatory and urgently required for the participation in one of our labs. The registration should be done right in the beginning of each semester!

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